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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Nursing Clinical Specialty Coordinator

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Nursing Clinical Specialty Coordinator

Company: Mount Sinai

Nursing Location: 10001

Status: Full Time, Employee

Job Category: Healthcare - Medical & Dental Practitioners

Location/Affiliates: Annenberg 8-04 1468 Madison

Department: 842 - Neurosurgery

Requisition Number: N0541154

Job Description:
A nurse practitioner is certified under section 6910 of the New York State Education Law and licensed as a registered nurse. A nurse practitioner provides acute/primary health care in accordance with written policies approved by nursing and medical administration.

Work in the FPA for Dr. A. Patel in the Interventional Radiology Area.
Coordinates the clinical care operations of assigned specialty area and ensures effective delivery of nursing care. Participants in developing plans, policies and procedures for assigned units. Coordinates inter-and intra-departmental activities necessary to reslve impediments to delivery of care.

1. Oversees and ensures effective management and delivery of quality nursing care in assigned area and coordinates functions with other nursing areas. Ensures adherence to established standards of care. Refers unusually sensitive or complex issues to superiors or appropriate department and Hospital resources and recommends possible action.

2. Serves as professional resource to assigned staff in resolving nursing care or management concerns. Directs and coordinates inter-and intra-departmental activities necessary to resolve impediments to delivery of care on assigned units. Utilizes knowledge and skills of appropriate clinical specialists in resolving difficult patient care problems.

3. Facilitates implementation of staff development programs.

4. Participates in programs for recruitment, selection assignment and retention of nursing personnel.

5. Maintains and enhances the institution's public and employee relations efforts through contacts with patients, visitors, and staff, and through investigation and resolution of complaints or concerns.

6. Prepares and submits regular reports dealing with observations, incidents, expenditures, staffing levels and so forth, and recommends corrective action.

7. Participates in the budget process consistent with departmental and institutional goals. Maintains information to aid projecting, implementing and monitoring the budget.

8. Keeps current regarding trend and developments in nursing theory, practice and administration through appropriate educational programs and professional associations and literature.

9. Communicates appropriate information upward, downward and laterally in a timely fashion.

10. Reports promptly and accurately all significant events and problems to Nursing Administration.

Job Qualifications:
Minimum Required Education
Bachelor's Preferred Education
Master's Minimum Required Experience None
Preferred Experience None

a.Licensure: New York State License with current registration as a registered nurse.

b.State Certification: Certified by the New York State Department of Education as a Nurse Practitioner as follows:

1)Is a graduate of New York State registered Nurse Practitioner Program or equivalent OR is certified as a Nurse Practitioner by a national association via examination.

2)Has completed a pharmacy component of not less than the required semester hours or the equivalent AND has been instructed in New York State and federal Laws relating to prescriptions and recordkeeping (3-hour course).

3)Has a collaborative practice agreement with a physician and designated protocols, both filed with the New York State Department of Education.

c.Education: Master's degree program designed to prepare a registered nurse to provide acute/primary health care services or the successful completion of an approved supplemental education program, i.e., post-Masters NP certificate.

d.Experience: Previous progressive experience relevant to the area of clinical practice.

e.Professional certification by relevant professional organization preferred.

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